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Program Description

The Guam Victim Assistance Grant Program is administered by the Office of the Attorney General. Under this program, sub-grants are awarded to public and private non-profit agencies with the goal of assisting victims in the aftermath of crime and through the criminal justice system. Funds for the program are derived primarily from the Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds. Outlined below is information on the distribution of these funds.

Federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Funds

Federal Victims of Crime Act funds are generated by assessments levied on offenders of federal crimes and are used to support services to victims of violent crimes. VOCA defines a crime victim as “a person who has suffered physical, sexual or emotional harm as a result od the commission of a crime.”

Services are defined as those efforts that respond to the emotional and physical needs of crime victims; assist primary and secondary victims of crime to stabilize their lives after victimization; assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and provide victims of crime with a measure of safety to include safe housing for crime victim families. VOCA also encourages public and private nonprofit agencies to commit other resources to achieve program objectives.

In addition, the VOCA grant assists Guam to meet the needs of crime victims and to assist public and nonprofit agencies in providing and/or enhancing services to victims of crime. In doing so, VOCA funds are used to ensure that crime victims are treated with fairness, compassion, and respect by the criminal justice system to prevent secondary victimization by the system. This is consistent with the intent of VOCA’s enabling legislation.

Rules and Regulations

Funds distributed under the Guam Victim Assistance Program Grant will be administered in a manner consistent with federal and local guidelines (VOCA: Federal Register April 22, 1997).

Target Populations

Federal Guidelines require that each state allocate a minimum of 10% of its total victim assistance grant funds to each of the four priority categories: (1) child abuse (sexual and physical); (2) adult sexual assault; (3) domestic violence; and (4) designated "previously under-served" victim populations which include: victims of federal crimes; survivors of homicide victims; victims of assault, robbery, gang violence, hate and bias crimes, bank robbery, economic exploitation and fraud or elder abuse; victims of vehicular homicide, intoxicated drivers (DUI/DWAI) or careless driving resulting in death; non-or-limited English speaking victims; and victims who are at-risk adults.

Guam Victim Assistance Advisory Council

The Attorney General’s Office has established the Guam Victim Assistance Advisory Council to establish annual priorities for use of victim assistance funds; to assist the Attorney General in review and recommendation for grant approvals; and to advise the Governor and Legislature on victim assistance needs to better serve all victims of crime on Guam.

Application Requirements and Eligibility

Funding is available to organizations within Guam which provide direct services to victims of crime including, but not limited to, crisis intervention, emergency services, counseling, legal advocacy, criminal justice and court support, and training and coordination of volunteers who provide direct services.

Each applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Provide services to crime victims and be operated by a public agency, or non-profit organization with a valid 501(c)3 federal status;
  • Demonstrative a record of substantial financial support from other resources. Those entities that have no prior demonstration may still be eligible for funding provided it can show financial support from other sources, not more than 25% coming from federal funds;
  • Impose no charges to victims for VOCA funded services
  • Utilize volunteers (or request a waiver due to compelling reasons);
  • Promote coordinated public and private efforts to aid crime victims within the local community;
  • Assist victims in seeking available crime victims compensation benefits;
  • Assure that all staff and volunteers have read and understand the Victims Bill of Rights Act;
  • Demonstrate a record of providing effective services to crime victims;
  • Demonstrate a record of providing effective services to crime victims;
  • Demonstrate compliance with all relevant confidentiality laws;
  • Demonstrate the ability to comply with Federal VOCA documentation requirements and be able to satisfy an effective audit;
  • Maintain Civil Rights Information and Demographics.

All sub-grants are competitive. All applicants are required to carefully review program reporting and fiscal management requirements contained in the GVAG Program Guidelines to ensure ability to comply should an award be made.

Federal funds may not be used to supplant or substitute for local funds that would otherwise be available for crime victims assistance services. Grant funds are intended to enhance or expand services that extend beyond currently funded legislative mandates.

The Attorney General’s Office reserves the right to decline any application for grant funding and to award sub-grants in amounts that may be other than as requested. Incomplete applications, or applications received after publication deadlines will not be considered.