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In July 2021, Attorney General Leevin T. Camacho announced that Guam was a part of a historic $26 billion settlement with Johnson & Johnson, a manufacturer of prescription opioids, and the three major pharmaceutical distributors — Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health, and McKesson. These settlements resolve claims against those companies based on their role in fueling the opioid addiction epidemic.

“The Opioid Prevention and Treatment Act” was passed by the legislature on December 13, 2021 and signed into law by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero on December 23, 2021 becoming Public Law No. 36-64. The Act maximized Guam's recovery under the settlements, bringing the total of funds secured by the OAG for Guam to be approximately $11.8 million.

Under the Act, these funds will be deposited into the Opioid Recovery Trust Fund used to support treatment, recovery, harm reduction, and other life-saving programs and services for people struggling with opioid use disorder and co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health issues..

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Estimated total payment to Guam during 2022-2038:*


Anticipated Payment Schedule*

Year Amount
2022** $1,433,069
2023 $887,943.11
2024 $1,119,461.32
2025 $1,044,055.97
2026 $642,135.58
2027 $642,135.58
2028 $735,649.59
2029 $735,649.59
2030 $735,649.59
2031 $636,108.03
2032 $524,938.57
2033 $524,938.57
2034 $524,938.57
2035 $524,938.57
2036 $524,938.57
2037 $524,938.57
2038 $524,938.57


*These estimates are based on information currently available. Final payment amounts are subject to change. 

**There will be 4 payments made in 2022. The distributors will make one payment in the spring and one payment in the summer. Johnson & Johnson will make two payments in Summer 2022.


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