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Requests for Proposals

Welcome to the Attorney General's Requests for Proposals home page.

Please note that all bid documents must be submitted to our office no later than the time and date specified. If any questions, please email [email protected] or call (671) 475-3324 ext. 5435..

Interested in a particular project? Click the project link (below) for requirements and visit us often for updates and amendments to current bids and for new contracts. Interested parties are encouraged to register with the Office of the Attorney General at the specific location noted in each RFP. If you are unable to download files, please visit our office at 590 S. Marine Corps Drive, ITC Bldg., Suite 901, Tamuning, Guam 96913 to pick up a copy.

--------- 2023 ---------------------------

RFP 001-2023 Online Legal Research Services

RFP 002-2023 Architectural and Engineer (A/E) Design Services for Construction of Billboard

RFP 003-2023 Architectural and Engineer (A/E) Design Services for Construction of Billboard

RFP 004-2023 Legal Consultation Services

--------- 2022 ---------------------------

RFP 001-2022 Case Management Information System

RFP 002-2022 Case Management Information System

--------- 2021 ---------------------------

RFP 001-2021 Mediation Professional Services

RFP 002-2021 Monitored Child Visitation and Exchange Services

--------- 2020 ---------------------------

RFP 001-2020  Victims Management Information System

RFP 002-2020 Absent Parent Automated System Information (APASI) Adabas/Natural Legacy Migration


Important Notice:

All interested bidders that obtain / download the above RFP online SHALL register utilizing the Bid Registration Form and email it to [email protected]. Registration is required to ensure that any and all "Amendments or Special Instructions" are communicated and/or issued to all interested bidders respectively throughout the bid process.