Pangelinan Gets 10 Years For Manslaughter Conviction

Jonathan Ross Pangelinan was sentenced today to 10 years jail time with three years suspended for the death of Leebrick Manglona in March 2018.

Pangelinan, Manglona and two other coworkers were drinking when Pangelinan and Manglona got into an altercation. Pangelinan repeatedly punched and kicked Manglona, even after Manglona was helpless on the ground.

At the sentencing hearing, Prosecuting Attorney Jeremy Kemper said “there is nothing that can be said or done by this Court to bring Leebrick back, which is what every person in this room would prefer. The only thing this Court can do is find justice for Leebrick.”

Kemper also said at the sentencing hearing that, “The defendant robbed a family of their loved one. The court’s sentence today should send a message that if you take another person’s life, even if you do so recklessly, you will be held accountable,”

Prosecuting Attorney Leonardo Rapadas handled the conviction via plea agreement back in December when Pangelinan pled guilty to manslaughter.

“The Court’s sentence today should send a message to the people of Guam that the taking of a human life, no matter the circumstances, will be taken very seriously. I hope that Leebrick’s family can now find some peace now that the court proceedings have resolved,” said Kemper.