Dennis Aldan Convicted of Robbery After an Hour of Deliberation

After just a little over an hour of deliberation, 12 jurors found Dennis Aldan guilty of robbery and several other felony charges.

He was convicted of four counts of Second-Degree Robbery as Second-Degree Felonies, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Second Degree Robbery as Second-Degree Felonies, Theft as a Second-Degree Felony, three counts of Terrorizing as a Third-Degree Felony, and Theft as a Misdemeanor.

Aldan faces 5-10 years for each of the robbery convictions and 3-10 years for the conspiracy, Theft as a Second-Degree Felony, and Terrorizing convictions.

“I’m very happy that the jury quickly returned guilty verdicts on all charges. The defendant terrorized and threatened good people who were simply trying to make a living. He used violence to take from others what he wasn’t willing to earn himself,” said Prosecuting Attorney Jeremiah Luther.

Aldan and his co-conspirator used a pellet gun to rob the Papa Johns in Mangilao before going to Dededo and robbing the Loco Mart. Thanks to quick thinking by an employee of Papa Johns, the Guam Police Department was able to track down the vehicle used in both crimes.

“Thanks to the hard, thorough, and professional work of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Guam Police Department, this defendant will be held to account for his crimes,” Attorney Luther concluded.