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Are you interested in gaining criminal trial experience, practicing administrative law, or handling complex civil matters all while living on a beautiful tropical island? If you are a licensed attorney, this is your chance! The Guam Bar allows licensed attorneys in good standing to practice as a government attorney for up to five years.


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About Guam

Guam is a gorgeous island in the Western Pacific Ocean with year-round tropical temperatures and warm ocean waters. (Read: No harsh and numbing winters!) The only thing warmer than the weather and the water is the hospitality of the native CHamoru people, who are welcoming and willing to share with you the history and culture of this slice of America in the Pacific.. 

Guam is the southernmost and largest of the Mariana Islands chain and is just a short flight away from its sister islands and a number of destinations in the Asia-Pacific region, including Palau, South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. But don’t think you’ll be so quick to leave! Despite our size of just 212 square miles, Guam offers the convenience and luxuries of city living without the hustle and bustle of city life; world-class diving, snorkeling, and other water activities; caves, waterfalls, and hiking trails for all ability levels to explore; and we are home to international athletic events. It’s no wonder Guam has become a modern-day melting pot.

About our Government

Guam is a territory of the United States and we operate under the U.S. calling system, postal service, and legal system. Our Executive Branch is led by a governor and lieutenant governor elected as a team. Our municipal government is comprised of nineteen mayors who lead each of our villages. We have a unicameral legislature comprised of fifteen senators elected at-large. Our judicial branch consists of a trial court--the Superior Court of Guam--and an appellate court--the Supreme Court of Guam--joined as the Unified Judiciary of Guam. Guam is also home to a U.S. District Court which has original jurisdiction over cases arising under federal law.

About our office

The Office of the Attorney General of Guam (OAG) is led by Attorney General Douglas B. Moylan. He provides the leadership and guidance to continually move the Office of the Attorney General of Guam (OAG) forward and proactively deal with the island's legal issues.

With alumni from over thirty law schools across the country, our Office has had great success in hiring professional and capable attorneys and we are looking to continue to build on that foundation. For those just entering the profession, working here will provide unmatched opportunities for hands-on legal experience under the guidance and mentorship of the experienced attorneys on our team. For those more seasoned in the profession, our office provides opportunities to sharpen your skills or apply your skills in new areas of law.

Whether novice or seasoned, our office also offers extensive opportunities for professional development, training, and networking through our strong partnerships with member organizations, such as the National Association of Attorneys General and the Conference of Western Attorneys General. In 2019, we also launched an in-house Continuing Legal Education credits program.

We have five practice divisions that offer intensive legal experience including significant time in court or administrative proceedings:

  • Our General Crimes Division has original jurisdiction over violations of local criminal law and certain cases in the District Court of Guam. At times, the Division may also investigate criminal offenses on its own, including sophisticated financial white collar crimes and government/public corruption. Prosecution attorneys have opportunities for trial practice, appellate practice, and practice before the District Court in criminal tax cases. This includes our Family Unit that handles juvenile prosecution and child protective proceedings. Family Division attorneys engage in efforts to strengthen legislation/public policy relevant to juveniles, juvenile justice reform, and restorative justice. They also participate in public educational campaigns to address sexting, bullying, mutual combat and related trends.
  • Our new Government Corruption Division oversees the investigation and prosecution of all crimes affecting government integrity, including bribery of public officials, election crimes, and other related offenses. The Division will investigate and prosecute some of the most sensitive, complex, and contentious public corruption cases handled by the Office of the Attorney General, including cases involving elected and appointed officials of government.
  • Our Civil Division includes all litigation for government of Guam cases and solicitors to the various agencies.  This includes our Litigation Unit that handles affirmative and defensive representation of government agencies, officials, and employees in litigation including suits for declaratory relief; constitutional challenges to laws and government programs; torts; and employment law matters. Civil Litigation attorneys have opportunities for trial and appellate practice.  This includes our Solicitors Unit that provides legal representation, counsel and assistance to the government of Guam and its authorized entities. This includes providing representation in administrative proceedings, answering legal questions posed by agencies and issuing formal legal opinions. The Division is also responsible for all matters relative to procurement by the Government of Guam, including reviewing contracts as to form and legality and advising agencies during all phases of procurement for acquisitions $500,000 or more.
  • Our Consumer Protection Division is tasked with enforcing local laws against false, misleading and deceptive practices that are injurious to consumers, while safeguarding, educating and protecting the consumers of Guam through public and community outreaches..
  • Our Child Support Enforcement Division assists parents with obtaining the financial support necessary for raising their children, as mandated by both federal and local law. CSED activities include establishing paternity of children; establishing and enforcing court orders for financial and medical support; and recovering welfare funds that have been paid on behalf of Guam’s children.

We also operate a Victim Services Center that falls under Administration Division. Our victim advocates help crime victims and their families by providing information on victims’ rights and protections, the criminal justice process, referrals for counseling, emergency assistance and safety planning.

For more information about our divisions, please visit our website: For questions about our practice, please contact our Chief Deputy Attorney General Joseph Guthrie at [email protected].

What We're Looking for

We are looking for recent graduates who are licensed and in good standing and experienced attorneys looking for professional growth. However, for those who have graduated from law school but not yet passed the bar, we also have employment opportunities as a Law Clerk.

Employment with our office


  1. Unmatched work experience.
  2. Tropical island living. 
  3. Convenient, affordable Asia-Pacific travel. 
  4. Twelve holidays per year.
  5. Health, dental, and life insurance.


Click here to see the current Attorney Pay Plan. Salary is based on an applicant’s years of experience. For those without any work experience as an attorney, $50,825 is the starting salary, with a 6% increase for FY2023. Prosecuting attorneys will receive an additional 15% Special Pay for Prosecutors. Click on the Roman numerals to view the classification specifications of Attorney I, II, III, and IV.


Applications are available online here: GovGuam Job Application Form

Please send resume, application, and inquiries to Email: [email protected]

or postal mail:

Office of the Attorney General of Guam
Attn: Human Resource Section
ITC Bldg., Suite 901
590 S. Marine Corps Drive
Tamuning, Guam 96913

671-475-3324 ext. 5111

For questions about the hiring process or employment benefits, please contact our Human Resources Office at [email protected].

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