Matheus guilty of assault

After trial, a jury found Bryan Matheus guilty of Assault as a misdemeanor. The jury acquitted the defendant on the charge of Assault on a Police Officer.

The allegations against the defendant were that he struck a Department of Corrections (DOC) Officer multiple times, leaving swelling and bruising. When interviewed by the Guam Police Department (GPD), he admitted to striking the DOC officer, but alleged that the officer struck him first. GPD noted there was no redness or bruising on the defendant.

The defendant faces up to 1 year of imprisonment at DOC based on this conviction. The court scheduled a sentencing hearing for September 30, 2019.

Prosecuting Attorney Peter J. Santos said, “The people of Guam are grateful to the jury for their service and understand how difficult it must have been to grapple with their decision. At the end the day the jury went with their conscience and we accept and respect their decision.”