Mangilao Machete Attackers Sentenced

February 12, 2020, Tamuning, Guam- Emanuel Reselap and Jordan Rachulap were sentenced today to 24 years and 12 years incarceration at the Department of Corrections, respectively.

The pair was convicted following a jury trial last December.

“The court’s sentence sends a message that if you commit a senseless act of violence, you will be held accountable. We would like to thank the jurors for their service. Because of their thoughtful deliberation, the victims and our community can sleep better knowing that justice has been served,” said Prosecuting Attorney Sean Brown.

Reselap was convicted of aggravated assault, terrorizing, criminal mischief, and family violence charges that involved multiple victims. There were also special enhancements to the underlying charges.

Rachulap was convicted of criminal mischief and terrorizing with special allegation charges attached for charges involving several victims.