Callahan to serve 50 years for raping minors

August 20, 2021- Tamuning, Guam- Muki Joseph Redhart Callahan was sentenced to 50 years in prison for repeatedly sexually assaulting two minors over the course of about a year, beginning in 2011.

Callahan, who was 16 at the time he molested his victims, was first convicted via jury trial back in 2013, but his case was overturned by Supreme Court Justices after they found his due process rights were violated during trial. The trial court handed down a 30-year prison sentence in the previous case. After the case was remanded back to the trial court in 2018, Chief Prosecutor J. Basil O’Mallan III secured a second conviction in May 2021. The victims, who are now teenagers, were flown in to testify at trial and credit for a successful prosecution was given to them.

“Our young, brave victims endured not one, but two trials to make sure their perpetrator would pay for his crimes and ensure he does not harm others. Their courage, along with the court’s sentencing in this case, will keep him locked away from our community for a very long time,” said Chief Prosecutor J.Basil O’Mallan III. “It took a tremendous amount of courage for the victims to testify at trial, and at the defendant’s sentencing. It was very troubling to hear the victims testify how they are still traumatized and going to counseling 10 years after the abuse. I can only hope that they can begin healing now.”

Judge Albert C. Lamorena III imposed a sentence of 35 years for the First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct convictions, plus a consecutive 15 years for the Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct convictions, for a total of 50 years at the Department of Corrections. The defendant will also have to register as a Level 1 sex offender for life.