AG Camacho to work with clients on establishment and enforcement of CBD regulations

The Office of the Attorney General will work with other Government of Guam agencies to answer questions about the sale of cannabidiol or “CBD” products and recent changes in federal and Guam law.

“We realize the 2018 Farm Bill and recent local law have given some the impression that CBD has been completely decriminalized and that CBD sales are now legal everywhere and by everyone,” said Attorney General Leevin T. Camacho, “but decriminalization does not mean no regulation.”

As an example, CBD is still considered a drug, and the Federal Drug Association (FDA) has authority to regulate products containing it. Products where CBD has been added are still not approved for interstate commerce, and CBD or THC cannot be marketed as dietary supplements. Though the FDA recently held a public hearing on the sale of CBD products and is considering adopting regulations for marketing of CBD outside of the drug setting, until that occurs, current FDA regulations apply.

“Our office is concerned about consumer safety” said AG Camacho. “This means making sure that products inform consumers about what they contain, and what those products do. Similar to food and drugs, regulations about CBD products will be meant to keep the products safe, and prevent people from making false claims about what those products  can do.”

The OAG referred to a study from the Journal of American Medical Associations which found that almost 70% of CBD products purchased online as part of the study were not accurately labeled.

“Our office will work with our clients – local government agencies – on the establishment and consistent enforcement of regulations for CBD products. When these products are available, we want them to be accurately labeled and safe for consumers,” AG Camacho finished.