Tosiuo found guilty at trial of criminal sexual conduct; later pleads guilty to felony while on felony release

Last week, a jury found Sammy Tosiuo guilty of sexually assaulting a woman. After trial, the defendant pleaded guilty to the special allegation of committing a Felony while on Felony Release.

In the early morning hours in mid-June, the victim was climbing the staircase to her home when the defendant came up behind her. She called 911 and placed it on silent until she was able to break free from the defendant and inform dispatchers what happened.

He was indicted in June for Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Second Degree Felony, Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Third Degree Felony, both in the Commission of a Felony While on Felony Release, and two counts of Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Misdemeanor. He will serve six years in jail.

Prosecuting Attorney Sean Brown handled the case.