Sexual Predator Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment

In the sentencing of sexual predator Danilo Santos Morales today, a clear message was sent that sexual abuse is not tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Morales was sentenced to 20 years imprisoned at the Department of Corrections for sexually assaulting a 4 year-old.
He was convicted of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony and three counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony in November 2018.
“Unfortunately, sexual assault happens more often than not to vulnerable children who may not realize the conduct is wrong and cannot protect themselves.” said Assistant Attorney General Christine Tenorio.
“It is the duty of the Office of the Attorney General of Guam to seek justice for these innocent children and protect them from further harm,” she continued.
“I am very proud of the victim for being courageous, especially at such a young age. The support of her family no doubt will assist her in her healing and road to recovery.”
Parents and family members should have an open dialogue with children about healthy and appropriate interactions. Take note of odd or varying behavior and create an open discussion where children feel safe and protected.