Rinext Riosen found guilty for all counts of criminal sexual conduct; special allegation enhancements

December 27, 2021- Tamuning, Guam- Following trial, a Superior Court of Guam jury
found Rinext Riosen guilty of three counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct for
engaging in sexual penetration with a minor under 14 years of age and three counts of
Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, all carrying special allegation enhancements.

He faces life imprisonment.

The young victim told the jury that she was molested beginning at the age of six, and
testified that it only ended when she became pregnant at the age of 11.

Riosen will be sentenced on April 27, 2022 before Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III.

Prosecuting Attorney Sean Brown said, “The bravery of this young victim and the hard
work of law enforcement personnel made the outcome of this case possible. The
unfathomable actions of this defendant has forced the victim to deal with the consequences
for the rest of her life, so it’s only fitting that he faces a lifetime sentence. We hope he will
never harm another child of our community again.”