Rapist Jefta Moses convicted

November 26, 2019, Tamuning, Guam- A jury found Jefta Moses guilty of raping a woman who was walking home from work one evening in June 2018.

The victim testified that as she was walking home from work in Upper Tumon, she was approached by the defendant who asked to borrow a lighter. The victim testified that the defendant demanded sex from her and after she told him “No” and screamed for help, he dragged her to the edge of the jungle and raped her twice. He rummaged through her bag and took money when the victim ran and flagged down a car for help.

Healing Hearts administered a rape kit and DNA was obtained.

The victim identified the defendant in a lineup weeks later when law enforcement apprehended him in connection with a separate investigation. The DNA samples obtained weeks earlier matched the defendant, who denied being in the area.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were flown in to testify at trial about the DNA samples.

The defendant faces a mandatory minimum of 30 years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections.

Prosecuting Attorney Christine Tenorio said, “No one should ever have to worry about being sexually assaulted while walking on the streets of Guam. The victim in this case is a survivor of one of the most heinous crimes that no person should ever endure. Not only did she exhibit strength that horrific night, she exhibited strength throughout the trial and did not waiver. Though this verdict will not alleviate the lasting effects of the traumatic incident, justice has been given to this survivor.”

“The People would like to thank the victim for her heroism, as well as the Guam Police Department, their Domestic Assault Response Team, and Healing Hearts for the investigation that led to the apprehension of the predator,” Tenorio said.

The defendant was convicted of two counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony, four counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony, and four counts of Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. He was acquitted of Theft as a Misdemeanor.