OAG Secures Conviction in Robbery, Terrorizing, and Theft Case

May 11, 2022- Tamuning, Guam- Eddie Addy has been found guilty by a jury of his
peers following trial in Judge Vernon P. Perez’s courtroom yesterday. On March 3,
2022, Guam Police Department responded to a report of a robbery and discovered
that Addy had robbed a Tamuning store using an airsoft pistol, which the victims
believed to be a real gun when the incident occurred. During the course of the
robbery, he stole a pack of cigarettes and a little over $500 in cash. Guam Police
Department Officers later conducted a traffic stop, and discovered five occupants in
the vehicle, including Addy, who was found in the backseat within arm’s reach of
the same airsoft pistol used in the robbery. All three individuals in the backseat
were arrested in connection with the robbery, but the investigation revealed Addy
was the gunman who entered the store.

Addy was convicted of four counts of second degree robbery as a third degree felony,
and two counts of third degree robbery, terrorizing, theft as a third degree felony,
and theft as a misdemeanor, along with the Special Allegation for possession or use
of a deadly weapon enhancements attached to each charge.

Prosecuting Attorney Richelle Canto said, “I am thankful to the jury for performing
their duty appropriately. Although the conviction was secured, it was not without
challenges. We will continue our efforts to work with the Guam Police Department
in ensuring investigations are thoroughly pursued. I hope this result gives peace of
mind not only to the victims, but also to the People of Guam, that their prosecutors
will keep working hard to ensure Guam is safe.”

Addy faces 16 to 70 years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections. His
sentence will be determined by the judge at his sentencing hearing scheduled for
May 25, 2022.