OAG: Remember to Honor Gift Certificate and Gift Card Laws

December 03, 2021- Tamuning, Guam- The Office of the Attorney General reminds holiday shoppers and business owners of gift certificate and gift card laws.

All paper gift certificates issued by local businesses are good for up to five years from the date of issuance. Paper certificates are especially popular for services like nail care, massages, other spa treatments, and car tinting. If no date of issuance is printed on the gift certificate, there is no expiration and it can be redeemed at any time.

Similarly, gift cards do not expire for at least five years from the date the card was purchased, or from the last date any additional money was loaded onto the card. This applies to local businesses and bigger corporations like Amazon and Macy’s. If the expiration date listed on the card is earlier than five years, the money can be transferred to a replacement card at no cost. However, fees may be charged to buy and replace lost or stolen gift cards.

Businesses should minimize customer confusion by ensuring their policies or rules are clearly written on certificates and posted in a conspicuous place for all customers to see. For example, if an establishment requires a customer to spend the entire amount of a certificate all at once, this information should be included on the certificate and posted in the store.

Consumers and business owners alike are encouraged to reach out for more information, or make reports of suspected violations, to the Consumer Protection Division by emailing consumerprotection@oagguam.org or calling 671-475-2720.