Jury finds Biller Smail Guilty of Assaulting Ypao Beach Security Guard

July 11, 2022- Tamuning, Guam– Biller Smail was convicted by six jurors last Friday afternoon of Assault as a Misdemeanor following trial.

Police officers were dispatched to Ypao Beach where they met with the victim, a G4S Visitor Security Officer, who said Smail threw an unopened can of tuna at him, cutting his lower lip, after he tried to wake him from where he was sleeping in the main pavilion. A witness corroborated the victim’s story and told officers that the victim remained remarkably composed despite being yelled at and attacked by the defendant.

Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Shuck said, “I want to thank the jurors for listening to testimony and taking in all the facts of this case. I also want to thank the victim, who was assaulted while doing his job to protect the community, for keeping his cool and not escalating the situation.”

Smail is facing up to one year in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced before Judge Vernon P. Perez this Friday.