Harvey Kansou Sentenced

November 04, 2021- Tamuning, Guam – Harvey Kansou was sentenced today to one year in jail for his involvement in the death of a man who was struck in the head with a metal pipe by his co-defendant, JK Sukion. Sukion was convicted of Manslaughter as a First Degree Felony and sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

Prosecution initially charged defendant Kansou with Assault as a Misdemeanor. Prosecution then tried to pursue murder charges against Kansou, but the court ruled that Prosecution could not proceed on those charges because Kansou had already pleaded No Contest to Assault.

“The defendant’s actions contributed to a man’s death,” said Prosecuting Attorney Katie Nepton during the hearing today. “We are thankful to the court for imposing the maximum jail time for a misdemeanor offense.”