Court Sentences Family Violence Offender to Three Months in Jail

June 22, 2022- Tamuning, Guam– Kristopher Derek Kaneshiro was sentenced to three months in jail by Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena III today. Kaneshiro must also stay away from the victim at all times and must serve a three-year probation term.

The victim reported to the police that, three days earlier, Kaneshiro kicked and punched her after drinking heavily at a family party. Police officers noted extensive bruising on her body. Kaneshiro later admitted to the allegations.

He was convicted of Family Violence as a Third Degree Felony and two counts of Family Violence as a Misdemeanor. Assistant Attorney General Dannis Le argued that the court sentence Kaneshiro to nine months in prison based on Kaneshiro’s conduct. Kaneshiro’s attorney asked that he not serve any additional jail time based on his lack of criminal history. The victim testified at sentencing that jail time was the only way to prevent Kaneshiro from doing this to someone else.

AAG Le said, “I am thankful our victim was brave enough to come forward and tell the defendant directly how that night has affected her. Today was an important one for the defendant’s resolution of his case, but today was an equally important day for his victim: for beginning to find closure from the trauma Mr. Kaneshiro inflicted on her. Each and every day of the 90-day sentence matters.”