Court sentences Derek Zamora to Nine Years in Prison for Molesting 4 Year-Old

July 15, 2022- Tamuning, Guam– Judge Vernon P. Perez sentenced Derek Joseph Zamora today to nine years incarceration at the Department of Corrections, despite the argument made by Chief Prosecutor J. Basil O’Mallan III to have him incarcerated for 12 years.

He was convicted of two counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony for forcing a 4 year-old girl to touch his penis and then touching her vagina outside of her clothing.

After consulting with the victim’s mother, the prosecutor agreed to have Zamora plead guilty and the parties argued a range of 3 years to 12 years imprisonment to avoid further traumatizing the young victim.

The People argued to have the defendant sentenced to 12 years, citing the lifelong trauma the victim will have to endure as a result of the defendant’s actions.

Upon release, the defendant must serve a three-year parole term and register as a Level I Sex Offender.