20-year jail time for sex offender

January 15, 2020, Tamuning, Guam- Javin Garrido will spend the next 20 years incarcerated at the Department of Corrections for sexually assaulting minors. 

The Prosecution Division successfully negotiated the terms of a globalized plea agreement for case numbers CF23-18 and CF29-18. The defendant was convicted of First Degree and Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, respectively, both as a first degree felonies. The victims in each case were children younger than fourteen years old when they were sexually violated by the perpetrator. 

Prosecuting Attorney Christine Tenorio said, “Two children suffered at the hands of this young man and his crimes will have a lasting effect on them. It is The People’s duty to protect them and other children from further harm. This punishment was warranted and ensures that he will no longer be able to prey on other young children.”